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Analog IO Comparitor in Rules



  • Mike Rock

    Hi Suzanna,

    Is it possible to get a PDF of that Guru card for those of us that don't have access to Guru?



  • Jim Love

    Hi Mike,

    If you choose a custom condition in a rule, you can put use expressions.

    "Op" refers to which tab of the Detailed Data Monitor the piece of data is on.

    The "First Value" is the text that will show up in the GUI for the rule.

    The "Second Value" is the expression where you do the comparison.  

    Hopefully, this is helpful!



    As you can see above, this could be more discoverable and easier to use which we will consider .

  • Mike Rock

    Thanks Jim,

    That will be something to play around with for sure.

  • Brett Porter

    THanks for this Jim Love& Suzanna Paulos!  This gets 1/2 of my intention with this request; apologies for not being more descriptive -- I'd also like the ability to compare an analog value from one device to an analog value in another device.


    Specific use case, logging/tracking min/max values over time (like wind speed in this case).  Have an IO Sim that logs the minimum and maximum speeds over 24 hours, there would be a rule that compares the currently recorded maximum wind speed to the current wind speed (this value is updated by functions in the IO Sim, enabled by the digital bit triggered by this rule)

    Device: IO Sim Wind Data
    Action: Set Digital Value DO.1 (New Max Wind)
    Condition: If I/O Weather Data AI.1 is greater than I/O Sim Wind Data AO.1

    Hope that helps clarify.

  • Mike Rock

    Hi Brett,

    Could you simulate the data from I/O Weather Data to I/O Sim Wind Data? While it seems like a bit of a work around I find it beneficial to put all the data in one place. The time spent creating all the simulation links pays off when writing rules and creating panels because all the info you are working with is in the same I/O.


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