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Cue skipping an axis if it's out of estop and not move ready


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  • Jim Love

    The way it is designed is "disabled" is the state which allows the cue line to be ignored where as "not ready" / "faulted" / "e-stopped" indicates a problem and report a not ready state to the player.  If the sub is not a master, you are indicating that there are dependencies in the cue and all other cue lines would be effected by a problem with any cue line in the cue and therefore it assumes the safe thing is to not run or proceed with the cue.  If master sub is checked on the sub, then everything is "best effort" and it will skip the cue line ignoring if it would cause problems.  So if you want your interlock to not effect cue lines because it shouldn't effect other axes, then you should have it disable the axis rather than remove ready.  If the interlock could effect the safe running of other axes, you would want to not disable it but remove ready/fault it/ or estop it.

    The "HW Enable" Axis IO mapping input maps to what shows up as a port disable.  This input allows for disabling the axis which means that if your interlock turns that input off, it would not fault the axis but prevent it from moving.  Cue lines would be skipped over.

    We are excited about iQ as we are making many improvements that allow for more flexible programming and give improved tools and features to allow the programmer to better control how errors in particular are handled.  


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