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Revolve target - Pose move with presets



  • Scott Chalfant

    Hi Tom. You're right that using absolute move options for a rotational axis will move towards the encoder position for the rotational axis (if you are at 400 degrees, entering 90 degrees will send the revolve counter-clockwise to arrive at the encoder position of 90 degrees instead of simply traveling +50 degrees to the 90 degree or 3:00 position you desired).

    For what you really want to do, I recommend using the "Pose" move option on the console panel. Regardless of the units type (may be more logical to change your unit type in settings from degrees to "Rotations/Degrees" - a little easier to keep track), you can enter a value for how far you want the axis to travel (in this case it is at 400 degrees and you want to go to the 90 degree "position" so you actually want to enter zero here) - this is a relative move effectively. Then you can enter a value below that which is effectively an absolute move (between 0-360 degrees). If you enter 0 for the relative move and 90 for the pose, it will go the additional 50 degrees to land on the desired 90 degree position.

  • Tom Gibberd

    I absolutely see the process you have described above working, however I still feel strongly that there is a case for having presets working within the pose move. If you cannot combine pose with presets this makes updating revolve positions arduous in the long run.


    1. On second revolution a preset is added at 47° relative to start (407° encoder) with name 'Room 1'.

    2. The revolve is spun clockwise two revolutions through various positions as required for the show to end up at 100° relative to start (820° encoder).

    3. The next move is to take the revolve back to 'Room 1'. The programmer cannot use the preset as that would unwind the revolve to 407° encoder. Instead they use the pose move, to do this they have to look at the preset, do the maths of removing 360° in increments to get to the right numbers to use in pose.

    4. The cue is written (with either the position recorded as 'Room 1A' or left out of a preset.

    5. This position (47°) relative to start is used a few more times, all at different number of total revolutions (47°, 407°, 767°, 1127° encoder).

    6. Position for preset 'Room 1' now needs to change to 58° relative to start.

    In the example above this means that although there are lots of cues that end up on the same position from start, numerous presets need to be updated which opens up possibilities for errors both in input and in missing presets that need to be updated. 

    This is also a time consuming messy workflow and not intuitive.  

    If you could use presets within pose, this whole issue would be avoided.

  • Scott Chalfant

    Hi Tom. I see the value in your request. We will look into the how we could provide this functionality in the future.


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