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Loading a cue list with unlinked devices.



  • Tom Gibberd

    Further to discussion with SC/JD on 28.1.22, I examined the usage of the 'enable device linking' button and it does not solve the problem, if anything it highlight a serious danger. Detail of process below:

    STEP 1:

    1. Create SHOW 1 with 'gauze' on bar 1, 'blinder' on bar 2, link both.
    2. Create cue list in SHOW 1 to move both bars to 10m from 0m.
    3. Verify operation (true).
    4. Unlink 'blinder' on bar 2.
    5. Close cue list and try to open, error.
    6. Turn off 'enable device linking'
    7. Open cue list (true) and run same cue.
    8. Both bars still move as original cue list, even though scenery is not rigged to it. This is not desired operation. Only linked bar should move.

    STEP 2:

    1. Create SHOW 2 with 'frenchman' on bar 2, link the bar.
    2. Open SHOW 1 cue list (true).
    3. Run the SHOW 1 cue list.
    4. Both bars move as original cue list even though bar 2 has SHOW 2's scenery linked to it. This is not desired operation, it is dangerous. Again, only bar 1 which has SHOW 1 linked device to is should move.


    Let me know if more information is needed, but this is a serious error which denies expected usage of system whilst creating the opportunity for dangerous and unexpected operation.



  • Scott Chalfant

    Hi Tom. On your Zendesk ticket you've submitted, please include video of the steps you described so we can see the UI on each step. We will review immediately. Thank you for submitting. Scott

  • Tom Gibberd


  • Tom Gibberd

    It seems the neatest workflow would be to have a button on the cue list within the show repository that enables the opening of the cue list even when not all devices have been linked. If this is implemented the CLE would still display any unlinked devices as red to alert the user, but those red axes would not be run as part of cueing.

    I'm not sure if the above would make the 'enable device linking' button irrelevant within the show devices repository (I'm not sure of the problem this button was implemented to solve?).



  • Alex Panek

    I second the original issue, we regularly don't hang the whole show for rehearsal/strike scenery on act changes, and would have unlinked axes. Is there a way that the cue lines related to axes that are unlinked just automatically disable?


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