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Nav GUI - Displaying "Do Not Wait" for an axis move in the cue line summary.



  • Jim Love

    Jeronimo Carbi Do you see any time that "Do Not Wait" should be used on an axis?

  • Jeronimo Carbi

    That is a great question Jim and I think of an example where a user would want to use "Do Not Wait" with an axis move.
    When cueing an axis in a single sub and wanting to advance to the next cue to trigger an alter move for said axis.
    (It doesn't follow the "Nav Class" taught best practice of compartmentalizing cues in subs and running those via a master sub or regular sub using Run Cues to retain the "soft stop" button for the initial cue.)

    I was considering two things when I created this suggestion:

    1. The harmonization of how this information is displayed in the cue line summary view. For example, if the user chooses the "Keep Active" option, this is displayed, as well as the "Init Delay" option. Our best practices shares with our users that Delay cue lines are recommended for visual clarity of programming. However, if the user chooses to use a "Init Delay", the system will show those parameters in the summary view as troubleshooting timing of the cue lines will be visually more challenging.

    2. Although it may not be the best way to program, I could see a user choosing "Do Not Wait" for their cueing. Again, this is not our recommended best practice but it is currently available as a tool.

    Lastly, if we would like to consider making the "Run Cue Line" the only one with the option for "Do Not Wait" when it comes to axis moves, that could work, as we already teach this in our classes as the best way to manage workflows as the ones described before. This would then mean that the "Do Not Wait" checkbox in the Axis Move would be removed.
    I believe that feedback from more people would be essential as I haven't sat down to think about a range of situations or workflows where the "Do Not Wait" would be key to the cueing sequence. I have been primarily thinking of this from a training perspective and not thought a lot in regards to general show programming and on the field examples. The loss of the "soft stop" button for the cue is very important and the user should be aware of the tradeoff when choosing to use the "Do Not Wait" feature.



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