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Cue type request: Set speed scale slider



  • Jim Love

    Hi Tom, We definitely agree!  There are a few parts to this but we have some improvements in the works related to the faders and speed scale on epiQ consoles.  We are aiming to improve the integration of the motorized faders, provide better options related to if/when speed scales reset, and how you can command changes in the speed scale.  

  • Tom Gibberd

    Hi Jim,

    I just ran into a frustration with this within IQ. I had added an IO Cmd cue line within nav to an existing show repository cue list as a test. The ambition until more cue types are brought through to IQ I could make my own repository of useful 'Nav only' cue lines that users could copy from a separate cue list into their own.

    It turns out you cannot copy any cue line that is 'Nav native' within IQ, not on the cue line or block level.

    Could this be a feature added urgently because it has huge potential to augment the IQ CLE in the interim whilst you are looking at bringing more advanced cuing features to IQ.





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